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    Patented Vitralase® and Vitrix® vitrification processes will be of good quality and workmanship and will not fade, chip, oxidize, peel or separate from the brick, paver or tile for the life of the surface of the engraved brick, paver or tile.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lambeau Field Commemorative Brick and Tile Program

General Product Questions

Q: How long after I place an order do I have to wait for the item to be installed?
A: Bricks and tiles will be sectioned and installed twice a year.
Q: Where will engraved items be installed?
A: Bricks will be placed in a walkway outside the stadium and beyond depending upon demand. Tiles will be placed on exterior walls of the stadium and beyond depending upon demand.
Q: How will I be able to find installed items?
A: Your order will be sectioned into the designated areas and there will be a master data list of every order loaded into a kiosk at Lambeau Field. You will also receive a letter with your assigned section and a map.
Q: If I order a replica, will it be an exact reproduction of the item being installed at Lambeau Field Stadium?
A: If you choose to order a replica of your brick or tile it will be an exact reproduction of your item that is being installed at Lambeau Field, with the exception of the Arrays and Trailers, which will be mini-replicas* nearly identical to the installed item. All other offerings will be the same size, color and have the same text on them as those that are installed.

*Note: manufacturer and color may vary slightly.
I want to order a replica and don't want the item installed at Lambeau Field Stadium. Is this possible?
A: In order to purchase a replica you must first order an item to be installed at Lambeau Field.
Q: How will my replica be shipped and does it come with anything other than the engraved item?
A: Replicas are shipped directly to the address of choice via UPS. Replicas are great gift ideas that come with felt dots and a formal personalized certificate that can be framed and given with the brick or tile as a gift or displayed in your home or office.
Q: I ordered a replica with my Lambeau Field Stadium order last month and now need to change the shipping address. How do I do that? Can I ship to a PO Box?
A: Once an order has been placed shipping addresses cannot be changed. Please provide us with your correct street address for prompt delivery. Replicas are shipped directly to a specified street address and therefore we cannot use a PO Box.
I ordered a brick in memory of my father and now my brother and sister also want a replica. How can I order more replicas at a later date?
To order additional replicas after the order has been placed you will need to fill out a new order form and include the order number from the original order. You may mail, fax or phone in the order. You will find your original order number printed on your verbiage verification form. If you do not have that form, please contact Lambeau Field and they will provide you with your order number.
Q: How long after I place the order for my replica will I receive it?
A: Replicas will be engraved and shipped 10-12 weeks after your order is verified. Before the engraving process can begin, you must approve, sign and return a verbiage verification to ensure that the text is exactly what you want.
Q: Will there be shipping charges if I purchase a replica?
A: Shipping charges are included for all items shipping to the 48 contiguous states.  For items shipping Internationally, Canada, Hawaii or Alaska will have additional shipping charges. Please call 888-749-6098 for pricing.
Q: After I place my order, can I change the text?
A: You will receive a verbiage verification letter in the mail shortly after you place your order. If you wish to make any changes to your text, these must be done on this verification. Text changes cannot be done over the phone. You will have to return this signed verification letter before engraving can begin.
Q: The text shown on my verbiage verification is correct. Must I still return it?
A: Verbiage verifications are sent to ensure that your order is engraved with the exact text, spaces and characters that you want. Even if the text is correct, we must receive your signed verification before your order will be engraved.
Q: I own a local company and want my company name engraved, is that allowed?
A: We are very excited to offer special products for corporate organizations that would like to sponsor an item for installation at Lambeau Field.
Q: Can I put my business name on a regular brick or tile?
A: No, we have reserved special items for business names. Regular items cannot have any corporate text engraved.
Q: Are there inscription guidelines?
Brick and tile inscription guidelines have been created to ensure the positive nature of the program. These guidelines can be found under the HELP & INFO section under ORDERING GUIDELINES.
If I want more characters or extra lines of text can I have smaller engraving or spacing?
A: Brick and tile color, font and character size have been carefully chosen to ensure the aesthetics of the Lambeau Field program. These things cannot be changed to accommodate individual preferences. Please insure that the text you submit to be engraved is within the parameters of the product you've chosen. Several brick and tile products are available for customization to allow for additional lines of text.
My friend also ordered an item and we want ours installed next to each other. Is this possible?
A: Due to the installation process, we cannot take specific requests of this type.
Q: If I place an order and decide that I would like to order another item what do I do?
Ordering more than one product is simple. Each item to be installed must be ordered separately, multiple items (except for replicas) cannot be ordered at the same time. We require each order to be submitted separately to ensure that each brick or tile is properly engraved with the correct verbiage on the desired product.
Q: Because I paid for the engraved item, it is my property, correct?
A: The Lambeau Field is proud to offer the opportunity to install your personalized bricks and tiles within the facility. Bricks and tiles demonstrate your support for Lambeau Field by memorializing a loved one, celebrating a special event, promoting your business or showing your love for our community. Because of this, your supporter brick or tile purchase becomes the property of the Lambeau Field and cannot be removed by the purchaser for any reason.
Q: What process is used to engrave the bricks and tiles?
A: The Lambeau Field bricks and tiles are engraved using the most up-to-date engraving technology available today. Laser engraving is a superior process that creates the most permanent and most durable marking in existence for bricks and tiles. Utilizing this process will ensure that your words will withstand the test of time allowing you to return year after year to see your personalized sponsorship.
Q: If I order an item and then change my mind, how can I cancel the order?
A: Since this is a customized brick or tile, all sales are final and orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Q: I want to order an item but can't think what to have engraved on it. Can you give me some ideas?
A: Bricks and tiles are popular gift ideas for Lambeau Field fans because you can commemorate, memorialize and celebrate the events and people you choose. Some engraving ideas are: Weddings, Birthdays, Significant Memories, and Graduations.

Tile Nameplates

These are tile nameplates laser engraved with 3 lines of text, 13 characters per line. The Lambeau Field logo is engraved to the left of the text. The tile and engraving is the same as the tiles that are currently being sold and installed at the stadium.

Q: What is this product?
A: This product is a tile nameplate that will be engraved with your choice of verbiage, which can be display in your home or office. The tile is a 4x8 gray Quarry Tile, laser engraved with green text. A decorative wooden display stand is included with the tile so that you may exhibit your nameplate.
Q: Does this product get installed at the stadium?
A: No, this product is purely a commemorative one that you may purchase for yourself, or to give as a gift.
Q: Can I have the Green Bay Packers logo engraved instead of the Lambeau Field logo?
A: This product is only engraved with the Lambeau logo.
Q: How much is the nameplate and stand?
A: The nameplate (and stand) is $90.00
Q: I already have a replica tile and I would like to order just the stand. May I do this?
A: The wood stand is only offered with the tile nameplate and cannot be purchased separately.
Q: How much is shipping for the Nameplate?
A: Shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states.

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