General FAQ

Any questions or comments about our commemorative items not covered by the FAQ can be directed to us
at 1-888-422-7425 or through our Contact Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bricks and tiles are sectioned and installed twice a year.

Bricks will be placed in a walkway outside the stadium and beyond depending upon demand. Tiles will be placed on exterior walls of the stadium and beyond depending upon demand.

You will receive a letter with a map directing you to the assigned section.You may check this PDF File of the map if you already know your section number. If you do not know your section number please use our Contact Us form and we will be able to assist you.

Yes, if you choose to order a replica of your brick or tile, it will be an exact reproduction of your item installed at Lambeau Field. The replica will be the same size and color, and will contain the same text as the one installed. With the exception of replicas for Arrays and Trailers, which are mini-replicas* nearly identical to the installed item.

*Note: manufacturer and color may vary slightly.

To be able to purchase a replica, you must first order an item to be installed at Lambeau Field.

Replicas are shipped directly to the address of choice via FedEx or USPS. Replicas come with a certificate of authenticity suitable for framing that can be given with the commemorative item as a gift or displayed in your home or office.

Once an order has been placed, the shipping address cannot be changed. Replicas are shipped directly to a specific street address, therefore we are unable to deliver to a PO Box. If you place an order with the wrong address for delivery, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help.

To order additional replicas after the order has been placed you will need to place a new order and include the original order number. You will find your original order number listed on your emailed receipt. If you do not have your receipt or need help finding your order number, please use our CONTACT US form and we will look up your order number.

Replicas will be engraved and shipped 10-12 weeks after your order is verified. Before the engraving process can begin, you must approve, sign, and return a verbiage verification form to ensure that the text is exactly what you want.

Shipping charges are included for all items shipped to the 48 contiguous states. For items shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or international destinations, there will be additional charges.

You will receive a verbiage verification letter via email about 2 weeks after you place your order. If you wish to make any changes to your text, these must be done on this verification letter. Text changes cannot be done over the phone. You will have to return this signed verification letter before engraving can begin. Please watch your email for this letter and make sure to check your junk or spam folder.

Verbiage verifications are sent to ensure that your order is engraved with the exact text, spaces, and characters that you want. Even if the text is correct, we must receive your signed verification before your order is engraved.

A business name is permitted but only on a corporate brick or tile.

The brick and tile color, font and character size have been carefully chosen to ensure the aesthetics match Lambeau Field. These things cannot be changed to accommodate individual preferences. Please ensure that the text you submit to be engraved is within the parameters of the product you've chosen. We do, however, offer brick and tile products that allow for additional lines of text.

Due to the installation process, we cannot take specific requests of this type.

You can place as many orders as you would like. You can order multiple items at one time or individually.

Lambeau Field is proud to offer the opportunity to install your personalized bricks and tiles within the facility. Bricks and tiles demonstrate your support for Lambeau Field by memorializing a loved one, celebrating a special event, promoting your business or showing your love for our community. Installed items become the property of the Stadium District and cannot be removed by the purchaser for any reason.

Lambeau Field bricks and tiles are engraved using the most up-to-date engraving technology available today. Laser engraving is a superior process that creates the most permanent and most durable marking in existence for bricks and tiles. Utilizing this process will ensure that your words will withstand the test of time.

Since this is a customized brick or tile, all sales are final and orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Bricks and tiles are popular gift ideas for Lambeau Field fans because you can commemorate and celebrate the events and people you choose. Some engraving ideas include wedding dedications, birthday greetings, graduation gifts, or messages to honor loved ones.

You may request a Certificate of Purchase that can be framed and given as a gift or displayed in your home. Please note with your order if you would like one mailed or emailed.

Inscription Guidelines

Brick and tile inscription guidelines have been created to ensure the positive nature of the program. All text will be uppercase with a standard font size and style. Greek letters and other symbols not found on a standard keyboard may not be used and each line of text will be automatically centered from left to right.

It is important to note that messages engraved on the bricks/tiles may not be harmful to the image of the Packers, the NFL, Stadium District, or Lambeau Field. Please see the established guidelines:

  • No obscenities or profanities.
  • No acronyms that could be construed as obscene or profane.
  • No derogatory messages (explicit or implied) based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.
  • No sexually explicit messages or double entendres.
  • No derogatory messages regarding the Team, other teams, the NFL, Stadium District, City of Green Bay, Village of Ashwaubenon, or Brown County.
  • No use of, or reference to, current or former players, coaches or other personnel of the Packers, NFL, or any other Team.
  • No derogatory messages regarding any individual or entity.
  • No messages detrimental to the project (messages opposing the stadium renovation, sales tax, user fees, ticket tax, or any other aspect of the project).
  • No political messages.
  • No commercial messages or advertising other than the firm’s name for business/corporate bricks/tiles.

The above are general inscription guidelines. The District and Team reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to deny sale of any brick or tile with an inappropriate inscription and to refuse to install and/or remove any brick or tile sold and subsequently found inappropriate. In such a case, the customer’s sole remedy shall be a replacement with a suitable brick or tile. All installed bricks or tiles become the property of the Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District. Bricks and tiles may be relocated to accommodate stadium needs but will remain installed at the Lambeau Field complex for a minimum of 15 years.

Tile Nameplates

These are tile nameplates laser engraved with 3 lines of text, 13 characters per line. The Lambeau Field logo is engraved to the left of the text.

This tile nameplate will be engraved with your choice of verbiage, which can be displayed in your home or office. The tile is a 4”x8” gray quarry Tile, laser engraved with green text. A decorative wooden display stand is included so that you may exhibit your nameplate.

No, this product is purely a commemorative one that you may purchase for yourself or to give as a gift.

The nameplate and stand costs $90.00.

The wood stand is offered only with the tile nameplate and cannot be purchased separately.

Shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states. Additional shipping charges apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations.